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Lanarkshire Federation Ypres Open 12-07-16




Tom Corrie Jnr.

Lanarkshire Federation -Ypres Open 3rd July

Ypres in Belgium will firstly always be remembered for the First World War in August 1914 the town was known by its French name of Ypres. Now the town is formally known by the Flemish name of Ieper and Flemish is the local spoken language. Being close to the French border, nevertheless, like many places in this locality the town is known by both names and visitors will find it signposted in both Flemish and French.
The Battle of Ypres (and the numerous battles that surrounded this Flanders town) has become linked forever with World War One. Along with the Battle of the Somme, the battles at Ypres and Passchendaele have gone down in history The town had been the centre of battles before due to its strategic position, but the sheer devastation of the town and the surrounding countryside seems to perfectly summarise the futility of battles fought in World War One.
During the battle for Ypres In the area around Ypres over 1,700,000 soldiers on both sides were killed or wounded and an uncounted number of civilians.
Pigeon racing fades into insignificance when you remember the devastation and loss of life.
We should never forget

715 Lanarkshire birds convoyed by the SNFC to Ypres and after a one day holdover the birds were away at 6:45 in a light south west wind and with around 450 miles fly back across the English channel and probable up the east cost of England back into central Scotland.
The birds started to arrive into central Scotland after 7pm with a good number timed on the night, which appears to be a general outcome from this race point over the last few years.

This year?s winners are John Lawrie and Son (John) of Newmains.
This is a very popular result as John Snr is one of the best working fanciers for his club and federation. They have always have flown a good pigeon and the icing on the cake is winning the federation from the longest race with Dark check cock "Jocks Lad?. To top that they have also won the west section in the SNFC. Well done lads this will be remembered as an excellent win in a good racing day. (Loft report on the way)


John Lawrie & Son ,1st Open Lanarkshire federation 715 birds & 1st West sect SNFC 848 birds,Ypres,441 miles vel 1032 

   "Jock's Lad" SU 14 L3706  Dark Check Cock ,winner of 1st Open

Congratulations to all the winners this season and that closes the old bird programme for season 2016

Around the clubs

Cambusnethan & Morningside
15 members sent 106 birds

1st J Lawrie 1032
2nd J & K Miller 1009
3rd T McGinn 948.7
4th C Walker 936.9
5th J & K Miller 861

Well done John & John
Also well done to Jackie and Kevin Miller winning the old bird cup

Dalzel FC

1st King & Selfridge
2nd W McDonald
3rd S Selfridge
4th W McDonald
5th S Selfridge

Well done Lads

East Kilbride HC

1. J Meikle 898
2. J Meikle 879
3. G Orr 709
4. D Gillespie 700

Well done Jim

Burnbank HC

1st Robert Cushley 966
2nd Walter Boswell 964
3rd Peter White 960
4th Baird McMillan 850
5th Walter Boswell 736

Robert Cushley wins the Sartilly rose bowl
Walter Boswell wins the old bird average
Baird Mcmillan wins the 5 pound nom
Well done Robert, Peter and Jimmy in what was a sticky one
Burnbank club would like to thank Glendale for sponsoring our race
with 50 pounds to the winner 30 to the second and 20 to the third
well done and thank you Sir

Airdrie Dist

1st GWP Macaloney
2nd J Wilkinson
3rd GWP Macaloney
No further details

What a winner Blue Cock 4 x 1st clubs for this pigeon from all distances

Clarkston & Dist

1st J Murphy 995
2nd S Nelson 761
3rd S Nelson 756
4th J Murphy 746
5th J Murphy 605

Well done John excellent season, winner of Old bird average in the club
Also well done Sam

Blantyre HC

1st. Tallis/mcdonagh 984
2nd. Tallis/mcdonagh 888
3rd. J&T Polockus. 751
4th. K McMahon 681
5th. Tallis/mcdonagh 658
6th. Tallis/mcdonagh 658

Well done Tommy, you have had an excellent season


Jim Cullen (R) wins Uddingston and 2nd Open,Dave Allison (L) had another outstanding weekend winning 1st sect SNFC and also timing a good pigeon in Ypres. John Murphy (R)wins Clarkston and also wins clubs Old Bird Average,well done John


Jim Wood (R) had a great weekend at federation and National level   -  Andrew Suckle wins Coalburn and tops a great season


Alan Selfridge(Far right) wins Dalzel and Steven Selfridge (next right) had a fine race in Dalzel and Open -  Dave Young and John Quinn had a good weekend of racing


Wullie McDonald continued his fine form in Dalzel  -  George Lightbody(L) wins Low Waters

Newmains HC

17 members sent 125 birds.

1 J Lawrie&Son 1032
2 J&KMiller 1009
3 T McGinn 948
4 Lindsay&Henderson 945
5 R Watt 922

Well done the two Johns

Uddingston & Dist


Coalburn HC

1st A Suckle
2nd D Mathieson & Son
3rd T & G Steele
Well done Andrew

Carluke HC

1 J Armstrong 652.29

Only bird timed,well done Jim

Greenfield HC

1st K Buchanan
2nd J Hannah
3rd D Allison
4th J Leggatt
5th K Buchanan
Well done Ken

GWP Macaloney win the federation old bird average,what a season

Federation Champion lofts Old Bird Programme 2016 for around 50,000 birdage

1st GWP Macaloney vel 1192
2nd J Cullen vel 1175
3rd Tallis & McDonough vel 1159
4th J Wood vel 1138
5th G Lightbody 1138
6th W Boswell
7th McCormick & Hughes
8th J & K Miller
9th Torrance & Mann
10th J Lawrie & Son

What can I say about GWP Macaloney that I already haven't stated,they are just magical results from any distance.
Well done Wullie ,Paul and George in my opinion the best sprint /middle distance fanciers in Europe based on number of birds sent and birdage.

Promoting the best of the best .

Onto the young bird season

23rd July Kelso
30th July Kelso
6th August Otterburn
13th August Sedgefield
20th August Thirsk
27th August Retford
3rd Sept Otterburn

Thanks again

Tom Corrie Jnr