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Mccormick & Hughes Lanarkshire Federation Champion Loft 2015




Tom Corrie jnr

McCormick & Hughes

Lanarkshire Federation Champion Loft 2015

 (Over 71,000 birds competing)


To be the Champion loft in the biggest federation in the British Isles, with birdage of over 71,000 in its race programme takes some winning and to win it racing a small team of pigeons is remarkable. As I have stated in the past these guys are the real McCoy.

They race their birds every week in the nineteen week long race programme that starts at 80 miles through to 450 miles. These fanciers don't just, turn up for four weeks a year; they are dedicated to their cause and are there to win every week. “Real pigeon fanciers in my eyes”.


The partnership receiving theor Trophy at the Federation Presentation:

The mighty Mick McCormick and young Martin Hughes make a formidable partnership that in their short time in partnership have gone right to the top of their sport.

It’s remarkable that they started the old bird season with 27 of which four were late breds that hadn't raced and 29 youngsters. I have already completed a loft report April 2015 of their previous performances and is available on the Lanarkshire website and Elimar pigeon site.


When speaking to Mick he is quick to point out the achievements of Martin and how he provided the catalyst, taking his loft performances to the next level.

Martin Hughes is a top flyer in his own right and with the partnerships pigeons coming from his highly successful stock pigeons based on. Gerald Delaney Oroory Stud based Jacobs and Grondaleers and also Martin’s  Busschaert family based on the very best of Ron Williamson stock.


The loft is a back garden set up, everything based around keeping the birds under control and of a good temperament as Mick wouldn't tolerate anything else. The sections are small and compact to meet Mick’s size. Watch your heads lads as I bumped mine a number of times

Mick knows what he likes in a pigeon, small to medium in size with good strong pectrol muscle.


As I stated he doesn't keep a big team and after finishing the season with 16 youngsters Mick said "I don't know what to do with all these pigeons", having 37 for racing next season.


Ask anyone in Lanarkshire how good these guys are.


Well done lads, gives everyone hope that you don't have to sent 50 to 70 birds every week to be the best. I feel very proud to undertake these fellow Lanarkshire fanciers Champions report.

Hurricane Mick; Bred and raced by the McCormick & Hughes partnership:


Results 2015


Uddingston & Dist Club (One of the biggest birdage clubs in the federation)


McCormick & Hughes winner of 6 x 1st ,5 x 2nd ,3 x 3rd club prizes in Uddingston & Dist 2015 flying 28 old birds(4 of which were untrained late breds) and 29 youngsters. Winning six of the premier trophies.



Lanarkshire Federation Results 1st Open ,1st Open ,2nd Open,2nd Open ,3rd Open


18th April   Otterburn (1)   10th sect over 1500 birds


               26th April   Otterburn(2)       4th 5th ,12th ,13th sect  2000 birds


                    2nd May Hexham       3rd sect , 2476 birds


            9th May   Sedgefield (1)    2nd ,12th   1st & 2nd Open 5,000 plus birds


16th May Thirsk  1st ,13th sect ,1st Open  over 4,000 birds   (Two Open wins in two weeks)


23rd May  Thirsk    2nd sect ,2nd Open over 5.000 birds

(Near miss nearly three 1st Federation wins in a row, remarkable)

 7th June   Peterborough      12th 14th sect 1,295 birds


14th June   Otterburn   2nd & 8th sect.   935 birds, 4th Open


21st June   Portsmouth Open   72nd Open  841 birds


27th June   Otterburn   7th Sect. 704 birds


4th July    Carentan Open   3rd Open   615 birds


5th July   Otterburn     2nd & 14th sect.   1,656 birds


15th August   Sedgefield   7th, 12th,13th 14th 15th sect  1,845 birds


23rd August   Thirsk     60th, 61st Open  1,909 birds


Tom Corrie jnr.

Lanarkshire Press Officer