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Kirkfieldbank Homing & Sporting Club, South Lanarkshire Federation, Presentation 2013




Tom Corrie

Kirkfieldbank Homing & Sporting Club, South Lanarkshire Federation, Presentation 2013

This year's presentation on 15th November took place in the Crown bar in Lanark, a stone's throw away from the club premises. Again a cracking meal was delivered by the establishment and the venue really is conducive to a great night. Members and friends attended to congratulate the best performance lofts in 2013. This year's special guests Robert Richardson from Larkhall and John Leggatt from Ferniegair near Hamilton were warmly welcomed by the hall and did a fine job on the panel, giving their views on up-to-date aspects in the sport including possible illicit drug use in pigeons, more than one National in Scottish racing, feeding, medication, YB Sickness and much more. With a life-time of pigeon knowledge from these well established fanciers the hall enjoyed a healthy discussion. John Frood gave us the background of the guests' past achievements that included first section Alencon.

This year's top prize winner was Wullie Johnstone who resides in Carluke. Wullie is a top man who dedicates his time and effort for the better of the club, federation and SNRPC. He has been consistent at club and federation level with his birds showing their best at National level being 1st & 2nd section E in the big events.

Trophy winners
Old Bird Cup - W Johnstone

Runner up - Wilson & Jack

Young Bird Cup - Wilson & Jack

R/U - S Corns

Combine Average - W Johnstone

R/U - Wilson & Jack

Silver Bell - J Frood & Son

R/U - Cromarty Ward

John Wilson Mem - Wilson & Jack

Colin Young 1st Leicester - J Dornan

G Hynd - 1st Yearling Huntington - Herkes & Telfer

J Sneddon, winner of Huntington - Herkes & Telfer

R Todd, 1st two old bird, 1st two ybird average - W Johnstone

J Wilson - 1st Reims - W Johnstone

Coronation trophy - 1st Arras - W Johnstone

Young bird shield, 1st Aycliff race - Wilson & Jack

T McNeish trophy, 1st Nom YB - S Corns

Show Trophy - Wilson & Jack

Scottish National Racing Pigeon results by club members

Billericay race
J Frood & Son 2nd sec E, 2 West sect, 98th Open

K Donoghu 4th Sect E, 6 West sect, 120th Open

Cromarty Ward, 5th Sect E, 9 West sect, 139th Open

J Frood & Son 14 Sect E, 19th West sect, 162nd Open

Wilson & Jack 15th Sect E, 20th West sect, 164 Open

Wilson & Jack 16th Sect E, 21st West sect, 165th Open

W Johnstone 19th Sect E, 27th West Sect, 181st Open

Herkes & Telfer 22nd sect E, 36th West Sect

D Graham, 28th Sect E, 44th West sect

J Stokes 30th Sect E, 46th West sect

W Johnstone 2nd Sect E, 3rd West sect, 20th Open

Wilson & Jack 5th Sect E, 6th West sect, 26th Open

W Johnstone 9th Sect E, 10th West sect, 38th Open

D Graham 21st Sect E, 28th West sect, 73rd Open

W Johnstone 1st sect E, 1st West sect, 8th Open

Wilson & Jack 2nd sect E, 3rd West sect, 33rd Open

W Johnstone 6th sect E, 7th West sect, 38th Open

K Donoghue 17th sect E, 23rd West sect, 76th Open

Cromarty 18th Sect E, 24th West sect, 78th Open

W Johnstone 25th sect E, 32nd West sect, 93rd Open

Cromarty Ward 26th sect E, 33rd West sect, 96th Open

W Johnstone 30th sect E, 35th West sect, 101st Open


S Corns 1st Sect E, 1st West sect, 77th Open

S Corns 3rd sect E, 15th West sect

S Corns 5th Sect E, 20th West sect

W Watson 14th sect E, 33rd West sect

The night went on into the late night with everyone enjoying another very successful evening. Thanks to the club committee for their time and effort.

Tom Corrie jnr

Special guest Robert Richardson ( L) presents top prize winner Wullie Johnstone

Special guest John Leggatt (Centre) presents Davie Jack (L) and Robert Wilson

John Frood

Jack Dornan

Jackie Herkes of Herkes & Telfer

Steve Corns snr

Davie Jack winning the show cup again

Array of this year's trophies