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Lanarkshire Federation July 2012



Tom Corrie

July 2012

The racing this year has been very difficult with only a brief respite from the dreaded east winds and thunderstorms that have totally decimated the race teams of the majority of fanciers. The racing has been very erratic, however the icing on the cake was Wooliston, around 240 miles in the Worcester area - what a stinker of a race for me!! Big gaps between the birds and probably the worst race I have experienced since joining the federation with around 30% returns and the birds having to work back all week due to the heavy rain en route.

As always the racing continues and within the federation you have plenty of races although you can take a week off unless of course you are hoping to continue with the averages. Many fanciers have finished for the season and are looking forward to the young bird racing but if that east wind hangs around then I feel we will be in trouble. The question is do you send young birds in east winds? My past experience is erratic races with very high losses although some will say you can't run for ever - however my opinion is why look after them all year to throw them away? When the conditions are right then they can take their chances; don't chase a pipe dream of averages for the cost of your loft!!!

As I write the French race has been cancelled and after having their passport stamped they had to return home! Credit to the control team, the birds were in first class condition on their return. There is always next year for these birds or some fanciers may return them to France with the last National race. Personally I have only competed in the Federation programme this year so our birds can sit for another year as they will have had plenty of experience under their wings.

Looking on the various pigeon sites on the computer plenty of fanciers have their own opinion on the federation, officials and race programme. Well the answer is go to the race programme meeting AGM and have your say. That's what they call democracy!!!

Well done to those fanciers who have braved it out to participate in all federation races. It's getting harder to complete the full programme. For instance in Belgium they compete from the same distance every week and remain there. This is possibly the way forward for racing in this country and anyone who wishes to specialise in distance should be able to join one of the specialist clubs. The cost of federations going down the length of Britain is significant and also the gauntlet of flying through all these valleys and heavily populated falcon areas is taking to big a hit on the birds. The present racing is erratic and not enjoyable! So is this the way forward? Something has to change or I fear we will not exist as a sport. This sort of programme would possibly leave members with birds to compete with as at present only a fraction of the club members can compete with the present programme. Clubs locally could combine their pools and compete as one open race every week and continue with their identity however compete at a higher level every week. Food for thought!!!

Our federation has come to the stage were they cannot continue to use the present transporters as they are outdated and costing too much to run and maintain. Hopefully we will purchase two 7.5 tonne state of the art transporters that would look after the needs of the fanciers and the pigeons. This is not a criticism of anyone, just the progression we need to take as a federation. The cost would be significant but one we have to invest in as the days of 10,000 birds in the federation have gone - we are losing too many members. We cannot say again we will look into this, we need to act now and set up a committee to have the new transport in place before the start of next season! The pigeons should always take top priority and we cannot continue to live in the past i.e. we have always raced that way. Currently Lanarkshire Federation is the biggest in Britain, however not for much longer if we don't move on with a new race programme and new transporters.

On to the club results...

Clarkston & Dist. Longtown 3/6/12, 5 lofts sent 55 birds Lib in East wind.

1st D Mitchell Son Vel 1264
2nd T Corrie Son G/Son 1240
3rd D Mitchell Son 1201
4th G Geddes
5th G Geddes 6th D Mitchell Son 1133

Well done Danny

Clarkston & Dist. Wollaston race, 5 lofts sent 37birds, lib 05 30 in a south west wind.
1st T Corrie Son G/son vel 1024
2nd T Corrie Son G/son
3rd G Geddes
4th T Corrie Son G/son
5th T Corrie Son G/son
6th G Geddes

Well done Tom. This was a really difficult race with the majority of the birds lost.

Salisbury result, 2 members sent 6 birds on 17/06/12.

1st G Geddes vel 764
2nd Muir Bros vel 671

Well done George, with the same bird that won the longest inland race two seasons ago.

Longtown, 2 members sent 6 birds on 24/6/12
1,2,3,5th G Geddes vel 959
4th Muir Bros

Well done George.

Appleby race 30th June, 10 members sent 31 birds

1st T Corrie Son Gson vel 1573
2nd Muir Bros
3rd T Corrie Son Gson
4th T Corrie Son Gson
5th G Geddes
6th Muir Bros

100% returns although split up in the heavy showers.

Uddingston & Dist, Wooliston 1

H Murphy 1193

2 J Cameron 1102
3 M McCormick 1083
4 J Wood 1080
5 M McCormick 1077
6 J Wood 1068

Well done to Big Henry on winning this race by half an hour.

Uddingston & Dist Salisbury race
1 K Docherty 1007

2 W Graham 993

3 D Young & Daught 971

4 J Cameron 956

5 Mullen & Campbell 933

6 M Mc Cormick 905

Well done to Kevin on winning this Salisbury Race.

Uddingston & Dist Appleby race
1 M McCormick 1578
2 J Cameron 1559
3 J Cameron 1557
4 M Mullen 1542
5 R Hotchkiss 1541
6 Mullen & Campbell 1538

Well done to Mick on winning this Appleby race.

Larkhall & Dist, Longtown race
1st W Ramage vel 1286
2nd L Cummings vel 1281
3rd W Ramage vel 1194
4th A J Hamilton vel 1191

Well done Billy.

Larkhall & Dist, Woolaston race

1st N Orr vel 1104
2nd G Rankin vel 1077
3rd N Orr vel 1048
4th J Newbiggin vel 1005

Well done to wee Norman on his second win of the season. Not a good race with a lot of strange times in the poor conditions. Returns at this moment in time are around the 66-80%.

Larkhall &Dist, Salsbury race

1st J Newbiggin vel 1055

2nd A K Lockhart vel 1006

3rd J Newbiggin vel 983
4th N Orr vel 964

Well done J on winning a very difficult race.

Larkhall & Dist, Longtown race
1st A K Lockhart vel 1049

2nd J Finnan vel 999

3rd A K Lockhart vel 989

4th A K Lockhart vel 982
Well done Andrew, first doo well out in front and should do well in the federation result.

Good race and returns by all members.

Lanarkshire Federation, Wooliston race, 2105 birds

1st A McInness Cambuslang club, vel 1244

2nd GWP Macaloney, Coatbridge club, vel 1199

3rd J Bradley, Coatbridge club, vel 1198

4th J Dougal, Cam/Morningside club, vel 1194.5

5th J Cosegrove & Son ,Lanark club, vel 1194.4

Congratulations to GWP Macaloney on winning the Federation Old bird Inland averages. East or West route, these fanciers come to the top.

Lanarkshire Social Circle results Salisbury 1606/12, 23 members sent 171 birds.

1st GWP Macaloney 347 miles, Vel 1185

2nd T Richardson

3rd GWP Macaloney

4th W McDonald

5th T Richardson

6th Eadie & Kelly

7th W Gordon

8th GWP Macaloney

9th T Richardson

10th W Docherty

Maidstone 17 members sent 94 birds on 23/06/12.

1st N Orr , 364 miles, Vel 981

2nd W Gordon

3rd W Gordon

4th D Hay

5th D McCraig

6th D Hay

7th W Allison

8th G Rankin

9th D Gillespie

10th D Hay

Alencon, Gold cup race, 22 sent 69 birds.

1st W Allison 541 miles, Vel 1295

2nd J O Hara, Vel 1251

3rd Eadie & Kelly

4th G Rankin

5th D Hay

6th Lindsay & Henderson

7th J & J Hood

8th Eadie & Kelly.

Well done to Billy Allison, one of the top fanciers, in the Gold Cup race in the west section over the last few years. Sorry no federation results to publish at present time. All the best for the forthcoming young bird season, although there is no such thing as young bird racing, it's only in name, most of the birds are early bred and on the darkness today to compete at the top level.

Tom Corrie Jnr. Anything written is my own opinion and is always up for debate. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.