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Lanarkshire Federation - Kelso 1

This year’s young bird programme started at Kelso in the Scottish Borders around 62 miles back to the winning loft .The birds were liberated at 07 10 hrs in a light south west wind. The race turned out a real "stinker" with most of the convoy not recording above 900ypm.

This is two years on the trot from Kelso, we have suffered this diabolical racing with youngsters. It’s just not a good race point sitting between the hills. If the peregrines attack them they are not going to get out.

Everyone is their own race controller but be sensible when voting at the next AGM. Racing isn't what it was 20 years ago!  

Unfortunately, we are back at Kelso next week.

The race winner must have came out of the transporter and headed straight home as it is 171 ypm in front of the next bird. The winner was well motivated, sitting on eggs and was racing to the loft of George Truesdale of Chapelhall club. 

Blue wf hen1st Open sitting on her eggs

1st Open fed sitting on her eggs

The Blue W/F hen is from his good friend Mr & Mrs Chadwick lines. The sire was bred by Superdoo of Ayrshire from the same lines. The total sum of his racing team is ten as he thought we wouldn’t be racing and gifted the others away.

Sire of 1st Open fed

Blue Cock sire of this weeks fed topper. Bred by Superdoo J Dunning of Ayrshire from Mr & Mrs Chadwick of England

George is a new member of Lanarkshire, formerly of the Scottish Midland federation flying as D Truesdale & Sons. This partnership was at the top of their game for many a year and were always hard to beat!. Well done George on a fine performance.

George Truesdales YB Section

 George Truesdales YB section and sum total of his team

The birds are trained every day from 30 miles and well-motivated on the natural system, the winner sitting eggs.

George Truesdale with his 1st Open Fed

George Truesdale winner of 1st Open Fed holding the winner in front of loft


Around the clubs



1st,3rd G Truesdale

2nd,4th,5th Battersby & Quinn



1st,2nd,3rd,5th GWP Macaloney

4th I Rankin

eye of 2nd Open

Eye of 2nd Open fed for GWP Macaloney



1st D Love

2nd,3rd,4th J Murphy

5th D Mitchell & Son

Dave Love

Dave Love has now made it five out of five since joining Clarkston. Top flying Dave!



1st,5th D McCaig

2nd,3rd,4th D McCaig

Dave McCaig

Dave McCaig our President has had a fine season winning another in Uddingston club


New Stevenson

1st R Clark

2nd,3rd,5th JJK Gillon

4th Quinn& Higgins 2



1st,2nd,3rd J Boyle 

4th W McDonald

5th O& J McFadden

Joe Boyle winner of Dalziel club



1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th T Richardson

Tam Richardson

Tam Richardson winner of Cambusnethan Morningside club



1st A McInnes

2nd,3rd A Morrison

4th P White

5th Torrance & Mann


Coatbridge SC

1st,3rd,4th,5th Pollock & Cairney

2nd J Forsyth

Pollock Cairney

Pollock & Cairney win another in Coatbridge SC



1st Tallis & McDonagh

2nd,4th W Semple

3rd,5th J Polockus 

Tommy McDonagh

Tommy McDonagh continues his fine season winning Blantyre & Greenfield clubs



1st Tallis & McDonagh

2nd,4th,5th M Krivokapic

3rd J Shaw



1st,2nd,3rd,5th C Gray

4th P & E Conroy

Colin Gray 1

Colin Gray as a lad still winning 1st club Chryston



1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th W Lennox



1st M Findlay

2nd,5th A Wilkie

3rd,4th  C & E McMillan 

Marshall Findlay

Marshal Findlay winner of Carluke club



1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Lindsay & Henderson

IMG 1418

Ian Lindsay winner of Newmains, terrific flying Ian 


1st W Gordon

2nd E Robin jnr

3rd W Shields

4th,5th J Glackin

Billy Gordon 2

Billy Gordon winner of Cambuslang club


Lanark & Dist

1st D K Burnside

2nd,3rd A Neil

Dave Burnside Fed winner 2017

Dave Burnside wins another in Lanark & Dist



1st,2nd,3rd,4th J Burt

5th L Dusza


Lanarkshire Social Circle

22 sent 724 birds

1st,2nd,3rd,5th GWP Macaloney

4th I Rankin

Supermac 73 Sire of 2nd Open this week for GWP Macaloney

Supermac 73 stock cock of GWP Macaloney

2nd Open federation Kelso for GWP Macaloney

Blue C winner of 2nd Open for GWP Macaloney

Section Winnners

East section

1st G Truesdale 1260

2nd,3rd,4th,5th Lindsay & Henderson



1st,2nd,3rd,5th GWP Macaloney 1089

4th I Rankin

Paul Wullie Macaloney 2019

Paul & Wullie Macaloney, another brilliant team performance on a very difficult day.


West section

1st Tallis & McDonagh  1015

2nd G Lightbody

3rd A McInnes

4th,5th A Morrison 

Combine Average Leader Board

1st GWP Macaloney

2nd J Cameron

3rd J Whiteford & Family

4th J Cullen

5th Tallis & McDonagh

6th T McGinn

7th J Wood

8th JJK Gillon

9th J Cassidy

10th Wilson & Cairns

11th J Craven

12th E Robin jnr

13th J & K Miller

14th W  Bosewell

15th W Gordon

16th D McCaig

17th J Green & Son

18th P White

19th A Nelson

20th Lindsey& Henderson

21st J Boyle

22nd J King

23rd A Selfridge & Son

24th Eadie & Kelly

25th Mr & Mrs McKee

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer

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