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Lanarkshire News - 15-03-21

Lanarkshire news - Review of 2020 Combine average leader board

Everyone can hope their team and management will take them to the top of the federation results. This year the sections have been revised: North, Centre and West.

To perform from the first to the last race in a programme (that usually takes in nineteen races from 60-450 miles), takes good pigeons and to win against birdage of 60,000 over the recent seasons.

Due to Covid, 2020 saw limited racing for the Old Birds but thankfully a full Young Bird programme.

It's always good to review the top lofts for the previous season as the fanciers deserve the accolades for their hard work:

1st Combine Averages,

Like most years the outstanding performance loft is Lanarkshire's is GWP Macaloney of the Airdrie & Dist. club. Their results are totally outstanding performances.

Demotion man raced by GWP Macaloney 15 03 21
Demolition man, gearing up for this season. Winner of 1st federation 2,960 birds,1st federation 4,225 birds,2nd federation 5,697 birds(bblm),25th federation 716 birds,26th federation 2,006 birds. What a pigeon for GWP Macaloney partnership.

When undertaking this role you go with the results and the facts are Wullie and Paul are simple the best. They are benchmark for us all.

eye of 1st Open federation Sedgefield 15 03 21
Eye of Sedgefield winner or GWP Macaloney

When you fly in the same section and federation as these guys you just shake your head at the week in week out class performances. They win big, with usually multi drop birds, recording the top fourteen Open positions in the biggest federation in Britain. 2020 season in our Open races they also won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Yearling Derby. Kettering Old Bird Open 1st, 2nd and 5th Open. Ripon Young Bird Open 3, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th Open. They win over 70 federation tickets in a limited season. One word: "breath-taking".

1st Open federation for GWP Macaloney 15 03 21
1st Open federation Sedgefield for GWP Macaloney

Year in year out their performances improve and their plan is to increase the size of their race team to perform at all distances over the next few seasons. God help us!

They win the Combine, Old Bird and Young Bird Averages. What else can I say but truly magical. Winning velocity 1226.

The next generation of GWP Macaloney partnership 15 03 21    GWP MACALONEY LOFTS 2019 15 03 21

GWP Macaloney partnership & GWP Macaloney loft

Well done Wullie &Paul.

Second place in the Combine average is Jim Cameron of Uddingston club, Jim is our hard working federation secretary and deserves every accolade for his hard work in his role and his obvious excellent pigeon husbandry. Velocity of 1169

Jim Cameron 15 03 21
Jim Cameron of Uddingston club.

Third in the Combine averages was the quiet man from Cleland Tony McGinn who races a cracking pigeon in Newmains club. His performances are truly catching the eye with some outstanding results. Velocity of 1162

Tony McGinn 15 03 21
Tony McGinn of Newmains club

Fourth Combine averages is the partnership of JJK Gillon of New Stevenson which includes Joe snr, Joe jnr & Kelly all working together a steadily every year putting in top performances at every distance to compete with the best in the federation. Velocity of 1161

Kelly Gillon 15 03 21
Kelly Gillon of JJK Gillon partnership of New Stevenson club

Fifth prize from the highly competitive club of Newmains is the hard working partnership of J Whiteford & Family. This partnership of John, Steve, James and with help from other family members. Recording some top performances and a good level of consistency. Velocity of 1150

James Whiteford 15 03 21
James Whiteford of the J Whiteford & Family partnership

2021 race programme

18th April Kelso

24th April Kelso

1st May Hexham (Charity race)

8th May Catterick

15th May Ripon

22nd May Sedgefield

29th May Worksop (Yearling Derby Race)

5th June Melton Mowbray

12th June Kettering

19th June Billericay(pools and prize race)

26th June Kelso

3rd July Ypres(pools and prize race) convoying with SNFC

Young Bird Programme

24th July Kelso

31st July Kelso

7th August Hexham

14th August Hexham

21st August Catterick

28th August Ripon (pools and prize race)

4th September Kelso

All races are for federation diplomas and trophies.

Asking members to send photos for your federation news. Its not hard to send this via your phone or email. It can be something from the past or a photo of one of your pigeons or loft set up. It will be used and makes for a better read!

Remember and visit our federation website as everything will be added there for the readers to view.

Thanks for your support.

Hope that we can get racing on scheduled dates!

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer

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