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Lanarkshire News - Kettering Race - 25-06-21

Lanarkshire News - Kettering Race

Kettering was this weeks race point with the weather very unpredictable for the race controller this The 1550 federation birds and and 7 other crates birds were away at 08 15hrs in a light and variable wind. got it spot on and the federation enjoyed a very good race with the birds recording well into the 1300s for the 276 mile journey.

This weeks winners are the brilliant loft of GWP Macaloney of Airdrie club.They had three birds hit the trap for a decimal loft finish.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Open federation prize.

Paul Wullie Macaloney of Airdrie club 25 06 21
This weeks winners the brilliant GWP Macaloney

1st North sect1st Open federation Kettering for GWP Macaloney 25 06 21   
Tiger 17 winner of 1st Open federation Kettering for GWP Macaloney

2nd North sect2nd Open Kettring for GWP Macaloney 25 06 21
2nd Open federation for GWP Macaloney

Queen B 25 06 21
Queen B wins 3rd Open,fast becoming a Champion pigeon with many top performances for GWP Macaloney.

There is not a pigeon loft I ever reported on recorded the results of this partnership. Their level of consistency is breathtaking!

Their winner Tiger 17 which is bred down out of the partnerships new "Dream team lines" Tiger 17 already has two federation wins a second and third federation .Some pigeon lads.

Club News - John Hood sent me some information on his clubs winner Joe Gormanly of Chryston had a nice 1st,2nd club with his late breds.

Alec Stewart of Clarkston has a good winner with Janssen purchased from Jimmy Luckton of New Stevenson clearance sale.

Sharp Cummings Durning of Coatbridge SC win their club with a grand-daughter of a check hen bred by Tom Corrie Son G/son.

North section 

1st, 2nd, 3rd GWP Macaloney

Centre section

1st J Wood

2nd W Graham

3rd J King


1st W Boswell

2nd K Buchanan

3rd Baird & McMillan

Well done to Walter Boswell who tops the west section two weeks in a row, top flying Walter.

Average Leader Board

1st GWP Macaloney 1345

2nd Sharp Cummings Durning 1314

3rd J Cameron 1303

4th D Allison 1302

5th W Boswell 1300

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Tom Corrie jnr

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Eddie Robin 25 06 21
Eddie Robin had a great day winning 1st club Cambuslang Kettering race & 1st West section SNFC Maidstone race

Robert Cairns 25 06 21
Robert Cairns wins Cambusnethan/Morningside club

Joe Gormanly of Chryston club 25 06 21
Joe Gormanly wins 1st Chryston club. 

Tommy McDonagh of Blantyre club 25 06 21

Tommy McDonagh wins Blantyre club.

Alec Stewart Clarkston club 25 06 21   Alec Stewart Loft Clarkston club 25 06 21
Alec Stewart wins Clarkston club & 
Alec Stewarts smart loft

Davie Burnside 25 06 21
Davie Burnside wins Lanark club

Walter Boswell wins 1st section West Burnbank club 25 06 21
Walter Boswell wins 2 x 1st West sections back to back.

Jim Woods wins Uddingston club 25 06 21
Jim Woods wins two in a row in Uddingston club.

Andy Graham winner of Carluke club 25 06 21
Andy Graham wins Carluke club.

John King 25 06 21
John King wins Dalziel club

George Truesdale 25 06 21
George Truesdale wins Chapelhall.

IMG 1227 25 06 21   SDC 25 06 21

Sharp Cummings Durning smart loft & Wullie Cummings(L) & Jim Durning (R) of Sharp Cummings Durning partnership win Coatbridge SC and flying high on the average board.