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Kettering Open - Lanarkshire Federation - 02-07-21

Kettering Open - Lanarkshire Federation

This week we were back at Kettering as Billericay weather wasn't suitable for a liberation. The birds were race marked Friday for  a Saturday race. The convoy of 760 Lanarkshire birds and seven other crates were liberated at 0900hrs in a ENE wind.

The weather on route was unpredictable with east side of the country especially effected by low cloud.

The race winner took 7hrs 32 minutes for the 274 miles back into Scotland. Recording a velocity of 1068 ypm.

This weeks winner is federation secretary Jim Cameron of Uddingston & Dist. club. Jim has had a fantastic season being placed in the top of his section most weeks. His winner is a yearling check hen. Her sire is of the Geerinkx lines from Galaxy lofts and her dam is from Leach Bros ,Hebdon Bridge.

Jim Cameron02 07 21
Jim Cameron this weeks Open winner

The yearling hen was raced on the celibate system.

Jim had a fantastic team performance with 1st 5th ,6th Open. Brilliant flying on a very hard day.

1st Open Kettering for Jim Cameron 02 07 21
This weeks Open winner for Jim Cameron

His results all season have been outstanding!

Sample of his top results with the old birds.

1st section 2,684 birds

1st section 2615 birds

1st section 1851 birds

1st section ,1st Open 768 birds

2nd section 2,522 birds

6th section 757 birds

Well done to Jim and his loft support Sammy.

GWP Macaloney of  Airdrie club also had a great team performance with six birds in top eighteen of Open, including 2nd Open. Well done the Macs.

Paul Wullie Macaloney of Airdrie club02 07 21
The Macaloney Partnership

Davie Allison of Greenfield club had a top performance recording 3rd ,4th Open .Well done Davie.

Dave Allison02 07 21

Davie Allison 

It was a very difficult race with many birds not homing. The returns continued into the next day and hopefully many will return over the next week.

Well next week will see the last Old Bird race of the season which is programmed for Yeovil, South Somerset.  We will be convoyed with the SNFC. 

Open Result top 10

1st,5th 6th J Cameron1068 vel

2nd,10th GWP Macaloney 1064 vel

3rd,4th D Allison 1062 vel

7th Pollock & Cairney

8th Eadie & Kelly

9th J Wood

Old Bird Averages Update

1st GWP Macaloney 1288

2nd J Cameron 1257

3rd D Allison 1255

Full listing available on 

Around the clubs- information provided

Alec Stewart wins another race to continue his cracking season. His winner a yearling check hen is the nest mate to his Hexham race winner from Ted Balmer of Cumbria out of his Lambrechs. Well done Alec.

Alec StewartClarkston club02 07 21
Alec Stewart winner of Clarkston club. 

Andy Eadie had a fine day winning Newmains and Cambusnethan clubs and recording 8th Open with a Blue w/f Vanderabeele yearling hen. Named Bellside Coral Double Winner, as she won 1st Newmains & Cambusnethan clubs Melton Mowbray race 242 miles vel 1087 0n 12th June winning £340.Then Kettering race  26th June winner in Newmains & Cambusnethan clubs and 8th Open, 269 miles vel 1000 and £303 in Open .The hen was raced on celibacy system.

Andy Eadie L with John Lawrie federation President02 07 21    Andy Eadies winner Bellside Coral Double Winner02 07 21

Andy Eadie(L) with Federation President John Lawrie & Andy Eadies winner, Bellside

It was Andy's fancied pool pigeon and wins a few bob for him Well done Andy .

Thanks to both for the information.

Best of luck to all going into the last old bird race of the season race.

Well done to our race controller Paul Macaloney for his dedication to the role and providing first class racing for Lanarkshire members, in what has been a very difficult year in relation to weather. Most weeks have been east in the wind which always spells danger for our feathered friends. The old saying East wind no good to man or beast!

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation press officer