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Lanarkshire Federation - Yeovil Open Race - 09-07-21

Lanarkshire Federation - Yeovil Open Race

This week takes us to the longest Inland and last race of the Lanarkshire  old bird race of the season. The 440 birds were part of the Scottish National Flying club convoy.  The birds were held to 09:45 to help with the visibility on the south west coast of England, the wind was light and variable but with the winning velocity must have has some south east in it.

For those fanciers awaiting their birds, the early arrivals must have gave a cracking buzz and feeling of euphoria . The report were coming through that the birds had made light work of the 341 mile journey and there were some brilliant early times back into Lanarkshire. Winner recording 7hrs 6 minutes for the flight.

This weeks Open winner is the in form loft of Eadie & Kelly of Newmains club. Andy Eadie the Vice President  of our federation has been putting in some outstanding results at federation and National level.

Andy's winner is a Champion racer, just a yearling but what a pigeon. This bird was highlighted last week winning Newmains and Cambusnethan clubs and recording 8th Open with a Blue w/f Vanderabeele yearling hen. Named "Bellside Coral Double Winner”, as she won 1st Newmains & Cambusnethan clubs Melton Mowbray race 242 miles vel 1087 0n 12th June winning £340.Then Kettering race  26th June winner in Newmains & Cambusnethan clubs and 8th Open, 269 miles vel 1000 and £303 in Open .The hen was raced on celibacy system. 

Then into this week race she excels her previous results by not only winning 1st Centre section, 1st Open Lanarkshire federation also winning 1st Lanarkshire Social Circle and 1st Open Scottish National Flying club.

What a performance!

Andy's report on his winner. The winner is now named" Bellside Anniversary" Coral .As a youngster she flew the full Lanarkshire young bird programme taking diplomas. As a yearling she has flown every federation race to Worksop 212 miles before going to the SNFC Huntington Inland National race 282 miles. Just missing the result where her loft mate "Princess Cherys" won 1st National hens 1st section,3rd Open. Raced on the celibate system she was then set up the following week for the federation race from Melton Mowbray 242 miles taking 3rd section,6th Open 2810 birds vel 1087.Again set up for federation race from Kettering 269 miles 5th section 8th Open vel 1000 By this time I knew I had something really special .The condition of Coral was unbelievable and after doing more homework on the weather front I decided to set her up for the final Inland National of the season. To get the phone call from the SNFC confirming 1st Open was my dream come true.

The winner is bred down from my old Vanderabeele stock hen Silver Z who won a silver award for meritorious performances being 28th,101st,109th Ypres and she also had four diplomas from the Inland Nationals.

Congratulations to all the section winners and those who made the result against the best National fanciers in Scotland. A special mention to my wife Margaret for putting up with me for forty four years. Finally to one of the best fanciers in SNFC, Davie Jamieson for parting with some of his knowledge and wisdom it’s really appreciated. 

Congratulations from all Lanarkshire members on your brilliant result.

One of the bucket list Andy!

The Lanarkshire members had a brilliant race dominating the top of the SNFC Open result.

Fast in pursuit of the winner is the Gillon partnership of New Stevenson.

Joe snr, Joe jnr and Kelly Gillon are a terrific partnership and deserve such an honour of 2nd Open  Lanarkshire federation 2nd Lanarkshire Social circle,2nd Open SNFC. They also timed another cracker being 5th Open Lanarkshire federation,6th Open SNFC. Brilliant flying from a very consistent partner that have been chapping at the door for such a result.

Our President John Lawrie of J Lawrie & Son ,Newmains club also recorded a brilliant pigeon, 3rd Open Lanarkshire federation, 3rd Lanarkshire Social Circle, 4th Open SNFC.

John Lawrie Son 1 09 07 21
John Lawrie & Son of Newmains club had a great day finishing 3rd Open Lanarkshire fed and 4th Open SNFC Yeovil

Jim Wood of Uddingston was up next winning 4th Open federation 5th Open SNFC. Jim had a very special day putting seven on the Lanarkshire federation result and six pigeons on the SNFC result.

GWP Macaloney who are Crowned this years Old bird Average winners also had a cracking team performance, including 10th,11th,12th Open Lanarkshire federation and 14th,15th,16th Open National(8 in top 72 of Open).

This was certainly a race that our members will not forget!

Congratulations to all members who timed and enjoyed their sport.

The returns again weren't the best with many good pigeons not appearing in race time.

Club News - Alec Stewart wins Clarkston with the same 5yr old BC that won the previous race, very handy pigeon. Alec has had a great season and finished well up the Lanarkshire Average leader board. Well done Eck. 

Top 10 Lanarkshire Open result

1st Eadie & Kelly vel 1410

2nd JJK Gillon 1405

3rd J Lawrie & Son 1396

4th J Wood 1383

5th JJK Gillon 1379

6th A Nelson

Alan Nelson 09 07 21
Alan Nelson was 6th Open and finishes 13th on the average board

7th W Boswell

8th C Gray

9th J Barr

10th GWP Macaloney  

Old Bird Average Final winners board

1st GWP Macaloney 1290

GWP Macaloney 09 07 21
GWP Macaloney of Airdrie club wins this years Old Bird Averages and tops a brilliant season.

2nd J Wood 1248

Jim Woods wins Uddingston club 09 07 21
Jim Wood of Uddingston club had a great race and finished 2nd on the average leader board.

3rd Eadie & Kelly

4th J Barr

John Barr 09 07 21
John Barr wins 9th Open and finishes 4th on the old bird average board

5th C Gray

Colin Gray 2 09 07 21
Colin Gray of Chryston club finishes 5th on the Average leader board

6th D Allison

Dave Allison 09 07 21
Davie Allison of Greenfield finishes 6th on the Average leader board

7th W Gordon

IMG 1140 09 07 21
Billy Gordon - shows his great consistency and finishes 7th on the average leader board.

8th W Boswell

Walter Boswell wins 1st section West Burnbank club 09 07 21
Walter Boswell of Burnbank finishes 8th on the average leader board

9th J Green & Son

10th J Cameron

11th A Stewart

Alec StewartClarkston club 09 07 21
Alec Stewart wins Clarkston and finishes 11th on the Average Leaders board

12th JJK Gillon

Kelly Gillon 2 09 07 21
Kelly Gillon of JJK Gillon of New Stevenson club

Well done to Wullie and Paul on winning the Old Bird Averages and a brilliant season. Well done to those members who managed to finish the race programme. Full list of those is on our website

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer

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Harry Brown 09 07 21    Harry Browns BC 09 07 21    Harry Brown loft set up 09 07 21
Harry Brown wins Dalziel club Kettering race from previous week. - 
Harry Browns BC, Sire of his winner & Harry's cracking loft set up.

Callum Walker 09 07 21
Big congratulations to Callum Walker on winning the Scottish National Flying Club Maidstone race. That's two National winners this season to date for Newmains club. 

Andy EadieL with good friend John Lawrie 09 07 21    AndyEadie winner of 1st Open Lanarkshire SNFC 09 07 21    Andy Eadies guard dog 09 07 21
Andy Eadie(L) with good friend John Lawrie,both office bearers of the federation leading by example in racing!, Andy Eadies winner" Bellside Anniversary Girl" 1st Open Lanarkshire,1st Open SNFC,1st Lanarkshire Social Circle & Andy Eadie's guard dog Broxi.