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Lanarkshire Federation - Kelso 1 Young Bird race - 02-08-21

Lanarkshire Federation - Kelso 1 Young Bird race

Barclay McCrindle & Son take 1st ,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Open

The weather in Scotland can only be described as glorious over the last few weeks. Not every ones cup of tea, too warm and clammy and probable the same for our feathered friends

The committee have continued to support their members with putting on daily training flights with our transporter to help fanciers get their birds educated over the two weeks up to the first race..

Unfortunately the weather was unpredictable and the race controller decided to go for a Friday race, not an easy decision but with the birds health and wellbeing put first as it should always be.

The race from Kelso in the Scottish borders was again the destination for our first race. The 2,800 birds and fifteen other club crates were liberated at 12 15 in a light east wind for the 62 mile race back into Lanarkshire.

I was advised that some members had GPS trackers on their birds and the birds came up the east side of the country and coming over Boness and into the Campsie hills area before entering Lanarkshire. It’s very interesting to have such information and in my opinion is invaluable for taking our race programme forward. 

It would be see this being provided for members to see. This doesn't mean that all birds took this path only the birds that had the trackers.

This weeks 1st Open ,1st Centre section is Barclay McCrindle & Son who reside in the east side of the federation between Kirk O Shotts and Harthill.

Barclay McCrindle winner of 1st2nd3rd4th5th Open Federation 2800 birds 02 08 21
Barclay McCrindle snr of B McCrindle & Son is this weeks 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Open Federation 2,800 birds and wins Newmains club

I contacted Barclay for information on their fantastic team performance winning 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Sect, Open & first 8 positions in his Newmains club.

Barclay only joined the federation this season, moving to the area from Govan, Glasgow were in the past he kept Pouter pigeons with his father. He said the sport of keeping Pouter pigeons is fast declining and with agreement of his father decided to take up the racing pigeon sport.

He tells me he travelled over to Holland and Belgium and chapped doors of pigeon fanciers asking them how to race pigeons and this helped him form his management plan. First race was a dream start for the partnership!

He raced successfully in the Glasgow federation before moving to Lanarkshire. His young bird loft only was erected in March so his youngsters were later than he wished and with the small team he managed to rear and some birds from John Short (Performance Pigeons UK breeding stud) who kindly supplied Barclay with 

some youngsters when he was informed of their need for stock.

The youngsters haven't had a good start as there is three pairs of falcons in close proximity of the loft and terrorize the birds daily. The partnership has had to develop a unique system of exercise for their team. They give them loft flights five times per day for only 15 minutes at a time. When asked how they trap being out so many times he said there glad to get in. 

When asked about other training he said the birds had one short flight on their own and two with Lanarkshire transporter before the first race.

This shows there are many roads to Rome in fanciers success in the sport.

His winner first across the pad as five hits the boards together was Blue cock bred by John Short of Performance Pigeons UK breeding stud. It’s from John’s Vanderabeele top lines.

The other birds are a mixture of his own blood lines De Backer and Kerman Bond lines.

Well done to the partnership and I am quite sure they will be a force to be reckoned with in the federation.

The race itself appeared to be a mixed bag with the early birds in the 1400s but some reporting them well strung out.

This week should see a good increase in the birdage and hopefully but again the weather forecast isn't great for pigeon racing .

Section winners

Centre section

1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th B McCrindle & Son

North section

1st ,2nd L Mc Calley

3rd,4th T Corrie Son G/son

5th GWP Macaloney

West section

1st W Boswell

2nd,3rd W Gordon

4th G Lightbody

5th J McGuire

Combine Average Leader Board

1st GWP Macaloney

2nd J Wood

3rd Eadie & Kelly

4th C Gray

5th W Gordon

6th W Boswell

Tom Corrie jnr

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Billy Holland 02 08 21
Billy Holland wins Chryston club

Paul Wullie Macaloney of Airdrie club 02 08 21
GWP Macaloney win Airdrie club

Tommy McDonagh of Blantyre club 02 08 21
Tommy McDonagh wins Greenfield club

Kelly Gillon 2 02 08 21
Kelly Gillon wins Cambusnethan/Morningside club

Lewis McCalley 02 08 21
Lewis McCalley wins 1st & 2nd North section & Clarkston club with one bred by Woodroffe Bros of Sunderland

Andy Graham 02 08 21
Andy Graham wins Carluke club

Walter Bosewell of Burnbank club 02 08 21
Walter Boswell wins 1st West section and Burnbank club

IMG 1226
Sharp Cummings Durning winning loft

Lanarkshire transporters
Lanarkshire transporters, up with the best in the country

Tom Corrie win 1st, 2nd Lanarkshire Social Circle club 600 birds also 3rd, 4th North section

IMG 0684
Mick McCormick had a fine 1st, 2nd Uddingston club

Joe Boyle with Robert Reid
Joe Boyle wins Dalziel club

Wullie Cummings(L) & Jim Durning (R) of SharpCummingsDurning win Coatbridge SC

George Lightbody wins Low Waters club and 4th West section