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Kelso 2 - Lanarkshire Federation - 05-08-21

Kelso 2 - Lanarkshire Federation

We were back at Kelso in the Scottish borders for another unpredictable weather weekend, which is always the way with the young bird season. The race controller hasn't had it easy trying to get the best racing conditions for our youngsters.

Young bird racing, although being competitive, should be based on education and building for the future. We are all our own race controllers and have the ability to make your own decision when you send.

The birds were raced marked on the Friday for an expectation of a Saturday race. It’s a nightmare when the wind is in the east as we are racing out of the east and the cold air from the North sea moves inwards and creates misty slow moving cloud with poor visibility. Our race controller held fast and with conditions improving went for a late afternoon liberation at 1600hrs.

The distance of about 62 miles back into central Scotland wasn't the easiest for the 4,000 convoy with most birds really struggling to home within the first two hours and a good many stopping out for the night. Report that a good few made it the next day.

This is racing as earlier stated you are your own race controller and our controller had his own birds in the convoy so has the birds interest in mind.  Everyone is entitled to their say and many have but there are not many willing to take such a job on.

This weeks winner are the "New Kids on the Block", Barclay McCrindle & Son who have took the federation by storm topping the federation two weeks in a row in their first two races competing in the federation. What a start they have had and their competition is very much welcome in our Federation. 

Barclay McCrindle winner of 1st2nd3rd4th5th Open Federation 2800 birds 05 08 21
Barclay McCrindle wins 1st Centre section,1st Open Federation 4,000 birds

This weeks winner of 1st Centre sect, 1st Open federation, 4,000 birds in a very difficult day is a Blue Cock direct Marina van de veld pigeon. Well done to the McCrindles. They also win 4th &7th Centre section. 

In 1st North sect, 2nd Open federation is the brilliant GWP Macaloney partnership who also 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th section.

2nd Open federation for GWP Macaloney 05 08 21
2nd Open federation for GWP Macaloney

Wullie McFall, who unfortunately I haven't got a photo of, wins 1st West section this week.

For Lanarkshire news to continue it has to evolve and keep updated it needs information, unfortunately I am not getting the information or photos of each club winners to make it more interesting for the article to have some merit. You are only as good as the tools you have!

I have provided my mobile number and email address for these to be sent.

I thank the small amount of members who send me their club information.

So don't moan if your club is not highlighted .

Section winners

Centre section

1st&4th B McCrindle

2nd T Richardson

3rd J Whiteford & Family

5th Wilson & Cairns

North section

1st &2nd GWP Macaloney

3rd J Moffat

4th D Follis

5th D McCaig

West section

1st W McFall

2nd G Baird

3rd W Bosewll

4th & 5th J Green & Son

Young bird average update

1st B McCrindle & Son

2nd GWP Macaloney

3nd T Richardson

4th J Moffat

5th J Whiteford & Family

Combine Average Update

1st GWP Macaloney  1291

2nd J Wood 1236

3rd Eadie & Kelly 1234

4th C Gray 1213

5th W Boswell 1196

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer

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Tel 07810866049

Pigeons in war 05 08 21
Pigeons at war, puts racing pigeons into perspective

Colin Gray 05 08 21    Colin Grays loft 05 08 21
Colin Gray wins Chryston club & Colin Grays loft

Andy Graham 05 08 21
Andy Graham wins Carluke club

Ryan Feelie Blantyre club 05 08 21       Jim Moffat 05 08 21
Ryan Feelie wins Blantyre Kelso 1 race        
Jim Moffat wins Uddingston club

Billy Allison 05 08 21                       Danny Mitchell 05 08 21
Billy Allison wins Cambuslang club    
Danny Mitchell wins Clarkston club

George Baird 05 08 21                        Matt Dunsmore of Dalziel club 05 08 21
George Baird wins Greenfield club      
Matt Dunsmore(L) wins Dalziel club

Paul Wullie Macaloney of Airdrie club 05 08 21
GWP Macaloney win Lanarkshire Social Circle (749 birds) & Airdrie club

Tam Richardson R wins Cambusnethan Morningside club 05 08 21                      Wullie Semple 05 08 21
Tam Richardson (R) wins Cambusnethan/Morningside club        Wullie Semple wins Blantyre club

George Lightbody wins Low Waters club 05 08 21
George Lightbody wins Low Waters club