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Lanarkshire Federation - Wooler 1 race - 20-08-21

Lanarkshire Federation - Wooler 1 race.

Three in a Row for Barclay McCrindle & Son

Wooler in Northumberland, North East England was this weeks destination for our race. The 3,500 Lanarkshire birds and 26 other club/Federation crates birds were away at 08 30 in a west wind that was fresh on route. The winners made good work of the seventy odd miles, recording a velocity of 1141ypm back into Scotland.

GPS tracker of 2 Lanarkshire pigeons from Wooler
Graph of two Lanarkshire pigeons GPS tracker from Wooler race

The main talking point in the federation is again the brilliant team performance of Barclay McCrindle & Son who for the "Third week in a Row" has won the Lanarkshire federation. This is truly remarkable considering this is only their third race!

Barclay McCrindle with Wooler 1 federation winner    Barclay McCrindle with Kelso 2 Federation winner
Barclay McCrindle holding his 1st Open Wooler & Barclay holding previous race 1st Open Kelso winner

To have such an impact is staggering. They have made everyone sit up and watch what they will do next!

In the section they take the first nine positions and in the Open federation they take the first three positions.

This weeks winner was again bred by Performance Pigeons UK breeding stud of John Short, who is based in Lanarkshire. John pigeons are certainly making a big impact on performances in Lanarkshire with many excellent winners being reported. The 1st Open federation winner breeding is a Janssen base pigeon.

Barclays other birds are bred out of Hermans Bonne, Embreghts Theunis and Van de Velde lines.

Well done to both of you and we all hold our breath to see what is coming this week.

Other excellent team performances came from James Green & Son of Burnbank club who took the first twelve in their club and the first seven in the West section and eleven pigeons in top fifteen of section. Class performance from James and Gary.

James Green Son YB Loft    James Gary Green of Burnbank club    James Green Son Wooler 1 club and section winner
James Green & Son of Burnbank club YB Loft,  James Green & Son of Burnbank club & James Green & Son Section winner, Wooler 1 out of Wily Jacobs x Tayside Olympiad lines.

GWP Macaloney of Airdrie club had a great race in the North section winning the first three and five in the first fifteen of section.

GWP Macaloney
GWP Macaloney win 1st, 2nd, 3rd North section and 1st Lanarkshire Social Circle over 800 birds & Airdrie Dist. club. 

GWP Macaloneys 4th Open wooler winner that also won 1st Lanarkshire Social Circle and Airdrie Dist club
GWP Macaloneys 4th Open Wooler out of B52 Double Federation winning Blue cock

Jim Moffat of Uddingston club had a top performance winning fourth, fifth, tenth and eleventh North section.

Jim Moffat
Jim Moffat wins Uddingston club and had a great race taking four federation positions

Section winners

Centre section

1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th B McCrindle & Son

North section

1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney

West section

1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th J Green & Son

Young Bird Average Update

1st B McCrindle & Son 1244

2nd GWP Macaloney 1233

3rd J Moffat 1173

4th J Whiteford & Family 1162

5th T Richardson 1135

John Whiteford
John Whiteford had a great race taking four federation positions.

Combine Average Update

1st GWP Macaloney 1284

2nd Eadie & Kelly 1229

3rd J Wood 1227

4th C Gray 1205

5th W Boswell 1186

Full report on Lanarkshire racing pigeon web site 

Tom Corrie jnr

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Andy Eadie Wooler winner in Cambusnethan club    Andy Eadie Montage of his two National hens
Andy Eadies, Wooler winner bred by GWP Macaloney & Eadie & Kelly montage of his two National hens 1st & 3rd Open National

IMG 0616
Andy Graham wins Carluke club

IMG 1510
Ryan Feelie of Polockus & Feelie win Blantyre club

IMG 3798 1
Jim Cassidy wins Dalziel club

Davie Love of Clarkston club
Davie Love wins Clarkston club with a Vanderbeele obtained from Dazler lines of Bob Lee out of Colin Priestley 

Davie Burnside
Davie Burnside wins Lanark & Dist club

John Hood

John Hood(L) with good friend john McCallum win Chryston club.

George Baird
George Baird wins Greenfield club

Kelly Gillon 2
Kelly Gillon wins New Stevenson club

Andy Miller with Andy Eadie
Two National winners together Andy Miller and Andy Eadie who also wins Cambusnethan/Morningside club

11947611 1114002138629389 745727394643178860 n
Ralph Valentini wins Coatbridge SC

George Lightbody wins Low Waters club