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Welcome to the Elimar Pigeon Services Advertising Pages...


This area is a dedicated section, focused on pigeon fancier's adverts, producer's of quality pigeons

and related products to the sport.

We are arriving at the stage in the year when fanciers are looking what is available to improve their lofts, why not take up a space of cheap but effective advertising, don't miss out....

All you need to do is supply all your relevent details to;

Elimar Pigeon Services


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If you are interested in advertising space, please contact

Lizzie Smallwood @ elimar908@btinternet.com


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The BRITISH MASTERS NATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE will give pigeon fanciers and other entrants in the UK , Europe and around the World a chance to be part of and compete in a One Loft Race with big cash prizes and then whilst at the same time be given the opportunity to compete in the NATIONAL FLYING CLUB YOUNG BIRD RACE as the Final Race.

An opportunity to win the coveted NATIONAL FLYING CLUB YOUNG BIRD RACE with a chance to win some of the big Cash Prizes & Special Awards.

Loft Manager:- Ian Sullivan. Mobile:- 07880-366501. Email:- ian.sullivan1966@gmail.com


Race Co-ordinator/Administration:- Paul Smith.

Home Telephone:- 01279-812005. Mobile:- 07860-568216. Email:- reglofts@aol.com




Central Lofts of Essex

Proprietors of a 1st Class Team of stock birds.

Bred and Sourced from the absolute best in Europe

Website: www.centrallofts.co.uk

Email: aidenhoward12@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile: 07754 995474 / 07851 681114



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Curtis, Wall and Lunt



Welcome to the Partnership of Curtis, Wall and Lunt.

In our last two seasons we have won 28 x 1st in Fed and Combine races only. (No club races counted)


4 RPRA awards & 3rd best middle-distance award GB.


Some of our wins include 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th out of 5802birds.  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th out of 5464 birds. 1st and 2nd out of 4262birds. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th out of 4120birds. 1st. 8th and 9th out of 4929birds and 1st and 6th out of 2217birds…. Plus, many more.   


Gordon Bros & Sons

Click here to enter - The Home of Speed


Welcome to Gordon Bros & Son’s

The Home of Speed

We compete as Gordon Bros & Sons and we fly in a little town called Portaferry, a small town in County Down, Northern Ireland.

It lies at the southern end of the Ards Peninsula and if you care to look at “Portaferry” on Google Maps you’ll see it’s quite a tricky place to fly pigeons to.


Click Here - A & L Painter Fibbersley Lofts



A & L Painter - Fibbersley Lofts

Home of Quality breeding and performance pigeons.

Gaining numerous National, Amal, Combine, Classic, Federation, Club and Open positions.



Click Here - Foxwood Lofts

Foxwood UK

Foxwood Lofts UK, we have several renowned breeding families.

  • Luc and Bart Jurgen Geerinckx
  • Michel and Linda Baertsoen
  • Marcel Wouters Westmalle
  • Verreckt - Arien Tesslendro

There are sond and daughters, which are bred from Super Breeders and Racing Champions.


Click here to enter the world of Marc & Geert Pollin


Marc Pollin has been amongst the forerunners of pigeon racing to International level for several decades and in 2015 Marc & Geert had a great winning season;

  4 x 1sts National

9 x 1sts Zone

7 x 1sts Provincial  

All against tough competition.

This is without doubt one of the very best Long Distance racing lofts in Europe.


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Vanneste - Rigole


Frans Rigole and Guillaume Vanneste

Here are some of today’s winners.

15 x 1st National winners, National Ace pigeons, Olympiad pigeons and many 1st Prize & Top 100 National winners are the basis of our pigeon passion.

The offspring of the today’s winners is the result of very hard selected breeders in our loft.


Click for the Belgian Pigeon House

Click for the Belgium Pigeon House Article


Belgian Pigeon House

A Passion for Grilling

Exclusive restaurant in Bruges.

The ultimate way to get amazing food with pure taste.

Great atmosphere included.



Walkers European Express Services Ltd

Specialist in rapid pan-european and UK-wide deliveries, with over 20 years experience of providing a reliable, high quality service. When you choose Walker’s, you can be sure your goods will remain in our personal care from the moment we collect them until they arrive safely at their destination.


Into Ireland with Walkers Transport - click for more


De Reiger


De Reiger

Our products will help to optimize the overall good health of your pigeons throughout the year.

Your pigeons will have more vitality and will be in overall better shape and condition.