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Parkinson L.J. 22-03-17...Beeston Castle 2 Bird Prize Presentation 21-03-17...Mayfield R.P.C. 20-03-17...Eastrington RPC Presentation 20-03-17...Lancashire Social Circle Spring Gathering 2017 - 18-03-7...BHW/INFC Single Bird Challenge Entries 2017 - 18-03-17...Life in the North East of England (48)...Derby Arona Semi Final 17-03-17...East Down Combine News 17-03-17...The Search for a Successful System - John Clements 16-03-17..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 16-03-17...The Joe murphy Column 16-03-17...The Making Of A Film - Jim Emerton 16-03-17...Spring,Spring,Spring - Jim Emerton 16-03-17...South East Ireland 16-03-17...Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw of Shavington 14-03-17...Around The UNC 13-03-17...SAMDPR Press Release - Final Race 13-03-17...Day out at Doncaster - Barry Shaw 13-03-17...Withernsea & District Homing Society 13-03-17...The Joe Murphy Column 10-03-17..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 10-03-17...Derby Arona Car Race 2 Report 10-03-17...Life in the North East of England (47)...MNFC Update 10-03-17...East Down Combine News 10-03-17...A.S Thomson & Son, Port Seton 10-03-17...North West Classic Club 08-03-17...Tribute to Keith Kirkman of Boston 08-03-17...Staffordshire Moorlands 08-03-17...The Belgium Pigeon House of Griet Van Middelem with L.J. Parkinson 08-03-17...Brotton Six Bird Club 07-03-17...Lanarkshire Social Circle 07-03-17...Hessle & Dist. FC. 06-03-17...Gran Canarias OLR 06-03-17...Life in the North East of England (46)...Burton & South Derby Fed. 06-03-17...The Joe Murphy Column 03-03-17..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 03-03-17...Parkinson L.J. 03-03-17...Eddie Newcombe of Malta 02-03-17...Irish National Flying Club 2017 AGM 28-02-17...Norton Homing Society Annual Show Race 28-02-17...Doncaster Spring Show - Sue Skelton 27-02-17...Derby Arona OLR 27-02-17...Around The Up North Combine 27-02-17...SAMDPR Press Release 26-02-17...SAMDPR Press Release 25-02-16...Life in the North East of England (45)...The Joe Murphy Column 24-02-17..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 24-02-17...Special Article - Keith Mott 23-02-17...North West Classic Prize Presentation (2016) 22-02-17...Dromara HPS Prize Presentation 2016 - 21-02-17...Today Is A Great Day! - Jim Emerton 19-02-17...Staffordshire Moorlands 19-02-17...East Down Combine News 18-02-17..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 18-02-17...The Joe Murphy Column 18-02-17...YMRC 2016 Winners 18-02-17...Life in the North East of England (44)...Cottingham HS Presentation Night 17-02-17...Derby Arona Links to Sea Race Videos (1&2) 17-02-17...MNFC ‘Fancy a Flutter’ 17-02-17...New MNFC One Loft Management 16-02-17...Stretton Flying Club 16-02-17...Pierre De Waele - Drew Callan 16-02-17...Mayfield R.P.C. 15-02-17...Parkinson L. J. 15-02-17...Chapman & Sons of Seaham, Three Times UNC Bird of the Year 14-02-17...Valentines Day - Jim Emerton 14-02-17...

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THE ONLINE AUCTION SITE... Elimar operates on a NO SALE NO FEE basis. Our charge is 15% of any sale price - providing you add the birds to the site yourself. Or if you would like Elimar staff to upload them, we charge 22.5% of the sale price; there is a minimum £10 charge per pigeon sold. If you want any guidance on how to upload photos and details, contact elimar908@btinternet.com and we will take you through the process. There is a new way to pay for purchases - all you need to do is click on the PAY ELIMAR button and pay direct. It's simple and immediate.

如果您是来自亚洲的鸽友,在www.elimarpigeons.com  网上参与竞拍有困难,请直接给我们发电邮联系并告知您的需求,我们可以代您竞拍。我们目前已聘请了专业的翻译来满足您的拍卖或是购买需求。中英文专业翻译邮箱:elimar908@btinternet.com




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John's new DVD is now available directly through Elimar on 01606 836036. The DVD costs £25 inc. p&p.

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The DVDs cost £18 each (UK) or £33 for both (and £25 each Overseas) including post and packing.

Order now directly from Elimar on 01606 836036 and Keith will post you your DVD the next day.

*Please have your card details to hand*

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Follow Jim Jenner as he returns to his documentary roots to tell you the story of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee race honouring Queen Elizabeth's reign. The film includes the 126-year history of the Royal racing pigeons, as well as the race day performances of more than a dozen of England's most palatial and revered racing lofts. Jim was given unprecedented access to the lofts on the Queen's Sandringham Estate and time with its new manager Peter Farrow. This intense race, organized by the Midlands National Flying Club, saw 5,000 competitors, including birds from the Royal Loft. The Queen's Wings is an intriguing tale of one starting line and 700 finish lines - a jubilee of wings. You can order a copy of the film by clicking on the 'Secrets of Champions' logo towards the top left of this Elimar home page. Click here for Jim Emerton's review of the film. Click on this link to watch a preview of the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwiBs9yJd_Y

To order your pedigree progam call us on 01606 836036 or click on the logo on the top left of this page.

Going the Distance is one of 9 John Halstead DVDs available via Elimar (click on the Pigeon Racing DVDs logo towards the top left hand side of this home page). John's pigeons have won THREE firsts and THREE second Nationals in the past four seasons up to and including 2011 in races from 162 to 696 miles, and in his 45 years in the sport John has won literally hundreds of first prizes. This 90 minute DVD covers widowhood and natural systems and explains all aspects of preparing pigeons for long distance races, particularly the feeding. It includes information on: the racing and widowhood hen lofts; preparation for the new season, pairing dates; canker treatment; exercise, training and improving fitness in early season; the widowhood routine; the pigeon food and water additives; using the natural system from June; preparing birds for longer races; feeding for the long distance. Going the Distance is priced at £20 inclusive of postage.


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