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Last Weeks Articles...

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"On The Road" with Keith Mott 10-01-19... SAMDPR 4th International Press Release 09-01-19... How To Benefit The Sport Of Racing Pigeons - Jim Emerton 08-01-19...




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The Joe Murphy Column 04-01-19... East Down Combine 03-01-19..."On The Road" with Keith Mott 03-01-19...Persistence/Patience/Perception & Perseverance with Pigeons... A Race Too Far - Jim Emerton 01-01-19...SAMDPR 3rd International Press Release 31-12-18... My 4 BICC Barcelona Trophies In 2019...Derby Arona Report 30-12-18... How Can You Fail With Distance Bred Pigeons? - Jim Emerton 30-12-18...SAMDPR 2nd International Press Release 29-12-18... The Joe Murphy Column 29-12-18... The First 40 Years!- Jim Emerton 27-12-18... Gazing Into 2019 - Jim Emerton... Enfield Continental Flying Club 26-12-18...Tests Of Dedication - Jim Emerton 26-12-18... MNFC Ace Pigeons 24-12-18... "On The Road" with Keith Mott 24-12-18... Newmains Annual Open Show 24-12-18... Dalzell Flying Club Annual Open & Club Show Results 24-12-18...Pairing Up Made Easy - Jim Emerton 22-12-18... The Joe Murphy Column 22-12-18... Scarborough Social Club Annual Presentation 22-12-18...Jim Wilkinson winner of Lanarkshire SC Gold Cup 20-12-18... Lanarkshire Social Circle - Annual Show 20-12-18... In The Loft Today - Jim Emerton 20-12-18... "On The Road" with Keith Mott 19-12-18...London North Road Combine Tommy Long Trophy Winners 19-12-18...Saltney Christmas Show & Prize Presentation 17-12-18... Osmaston Park Homing Society Presentation 17-12-18...First International Press Release 23rd SAMDPR 17-12-18...Jim Emerton asks - A reasonable price for a pigeon? 15-12-18...

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THE ONLINE AUCTION SITE... Elimar operates on a NO SALE NO FEE basis. From 1st January 2018, our charges will be 17% of any sale price - providing you add the birds to the site yourself. Or if you would like Elimar staff to upload them, we will charge 22% of the sale price; there is a minimum £10 charge per pigeon sold. If you want any guidance on how to upload photos and details, contact elimar908@btinternet.com and we will take you through the process. Payment for purchases is easy - all you need to do is click on the PAY ELIMAR button and pay direct. It's simple and immediate. VAT Registration Number: 284 0522 13..



An image on my Kitchen window of a pigeon hitting the window with full force after being frightened by a Sparrow Hawk, from John Clements


One Loft Races





To order your pedigree progam call us on 01606 836036 or click on the logo on the top left of this page.


Attention all pigeon writers: If you would like your reports/articles featuring on Elimar, please forward them to us at elimar908@btinternet.com