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Established 1979

Company Number: 11693988
VAT Registration Number: 284 0522 13

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Pigeon Health Products, Vior, probably the best natural pigeon product ever, highly recommended by users, click here


UPDATED 19th August 2019 The Elimar Charity Sale 2019 click here for the list.



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Pigeon Loft Orginzer now available to purchase online.


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PLO £57.00 + £2.00 P+P


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THE ONLINE AUCTION SITE... Elimar operates on a NO SALE NO FEE basis. From 1st January 2018, our charges will be 17% of any sale price - providing you add the birds to the site yourself. Or if you would like Elimar staff to upload them, we will charge 22% of the sale price; there is a minimum £10 charge per pigeon sold. If you want any guidance on how to upload photos and details, contact elimar908@btinternet.com and we will take you through the process. Payment for purchases is easy - all you need to do is click on the PAY ELIMAR button and pay direct. It's simple and immediate. VAT Registration Number: 284 0522 13..



Elimar Pigeon Services Ltd. present an entire Clearance Sale on behalf of D & D McFadden, all birds included

Starting on the 17th August 2019 at noon. This change for the first 40 is due to calls recieved.

SALES LIST 1 - Click Here to see the first 40 pigeons on sale from Sunday 18th August 2019

D & D McFadden - Entire Clearance Sale Advert 2019 - Click Here



Click here to see a sample of pigeons in the entire clearance sale for D & D McFadden




One Loft Races

Attention all pigeon writers: If you would like your reports/articles featuring on Elimar, please forward them to us at elimar908@btinternet.com